Netflix’s Cobra Kai is a lesson in storytelling. You can’t help but wonder why it works. Well, in a nutshell… just like with anything else we watch or read – it is enjoyable. The theme of redemption and the rise of the underdog is universal. And masterfully delivered.Read More

Here I am listing my key reasons to use Goodreads. If you haven’t joined Goodreads yet or if you are not an active user, I highly recommend it. Especially if one of your goals this year is to “read more”. Read More

One of my favorite things to do, just before a year ends is to sit down and brainstorm my theme and vision for the year ahead.
This exercise goes hand in hand and can be done at the same time as the Yearly Reflections.
Your theme for the year ahead will guide you when you are faced with difficult decisions or when you find yourself inundated with chores, responsibilities, ideas or even interests (my pitfall) during the course of the year.Read More

Readwise will connect to your Kindle Highlights and make them easily accessible and editable on several platforms including Notion or Evernote! You can just imagine the endless possibilities for your blog, your writing, your articles, your conversations if you can easily be reminded of every book you have ever read (on Kindle!)Read More

A personalized (but honest!) and easy (sustainable) weight loss plan that we tailor for ourselves usually can’t fail us. Who can better recognize just how much we are likely to fail at something that scares us, like removing a food staple for a prolonged period or daily HIIT workouts?Read More

woman writing

You are in a hotel. By yourself.
You get your food delivered three times a day. There is all the coffee and tea you can ever want. 
There is a pretty shitty internet connection. A few channels on TV. 
A perfect writer’s retreat, wouldn’t you say? Read More