Choosing Easy is a continuously evolving compilation of thoughts, ideas, and questions about how to live a simple, examined and intentional life. It is a 'public journal' where I write about ideas and concepts I'm encoutering on my endless exploration of interests.
I share bits of life, my personal favorites, lessons learned and those I am still learning on this side of forty.

My Year in Books (2022)

2022 was a busy year for me. I completed a GradDip in Applied Psychology, which with a full-time job (and family), was a full-on endeavour, and I didn’t read as much as I usually would. But books were/are my go-to sanctuary when I tuck myself into bed for the night, and I really only have one criterion – it has to be an enjoyable read. The consequence is that I move from book to book, and many of them, while I enjoyed them while reading them, I can’t even remember several months later.

How I Didn’t Lose Weight After Reading 17 Weight Loss Books in 2022

(And why I am choosing to declare 2023 the year (the first one ever) of not obsessing about my weight)

Just a few days ago I was reviewing the books I read in 2022 and was surprised shocked to find out that 17 out of 47 books I read this year were on losing weight or eating better/healthier (but really about being slim).

How to Clearly Define Your Digital Workflow Needs

But often, it seems to me (and I have been there) these tools stop being means to an end, but they become an end in themselves. Too many bells and whistles, and you end up working for those tools rather than the other way around.
I gave up long ago (although it is tempting) on constantly updating and prettifying my tools.

Powerful Questions for Better Listening Skills

Recently I took a short training at work called “Listen More, Talk Less” and it all seems to come down to – not sharing – but asking better, more powerful questions.

When we focus on listening (rather than waiting for an opportunity to speak (guilty!)), we can come up with good questions that can keep a conversation going.

I am definitely going to practice this skill.