Do you use your phone to its full potential? Is your phone your best organizing tool? It is mine!

Do you have a favorite organizing app?

I do, I do, I do.

I love the process of organizing, just as much as I love being organized. 

I am always on the lookout for new tools, organizing apps, and processes.

Mostly, though, what I already have is what I keep, but now and then I ‘discover’ a new tool that makes me reconsider and improve the way I organize.

Here are some of my favorite organizing apps that move with me from phone to phone.

Disclaimer, I am not affiliated with any of these apps, I am just a devoted user.

1. Notes

App Store Screenshot 

It took me so long to realize that the best tool for a simple entry point for all kinds of information is my faithful Notes App, which I, regretfully, overlooked for years, trialing every other note-taking app on my phone instead.

It is always there and it seamlessly syncs across my other apple devices.

I use it to capture any fleeting thoughts, ideas, information to remember or lookup, or a quick supermarket shopping list.

I do not store anything in there permanently, but it is the quickest app to just open and start writing. It is an integral part of my organizing and productivity system.

2. Google Calendar

App Store Screenshot 

My reminders and events. And my To Do list for when I have a due date on tasks.

It syncs with every other app I use (like Evernote or Notion) and it is easy to add to on the go.

Not to mention being able to configure my events to repeat at any intervals. So useful for those ‘first Wednesday of the month’ type events.

3. Expenses OK

Expenses OK
App Store Screenshot 

I am not sure how well-known this app is. I discovered it by searching “expense tracker” on the App store.

I have been using it for about three years now and I don’t know what I would do without it.

I’ve tried many expense trackers before, but none of them stuck.

They were too complicated to set up, they required you to create a budget first and add your income streams. They were set up to add and deduct (even if automatically) and they didn’t offer clear-cut and simple reports.

As a user, I just wanted a simple, easy tracker.

I’ve been tracking my daily expenses for several years now, every cent spent. 

Using this app makes it easy to stick to the habit.

Here are a few super useful things the app offers:

  • It lets you set up your own categories and select a neat little icon to go with every category.
  • You log your expenses per category, date and amount. It is as simple as that. No budget setup, no income setup.
  • The app is completely free, easy to backup, export and it has a pleasing design.
  • You can also password protect it.
  • You can look up reports of your expenses on a daily, monthly or yearly basis as well as per category.

Using this app has become a daily routine for me (and my husband who knows I am tracking so he keeps all the receipts).

As soon as I buy something or pay for something, even while I am still at the counter, I pull out my phone and quickly record my expenses. Same with online shopping or bill payment. 

I am in total control of all of my (family) spending now and I can quickly deduce where we are about to overspend.

Easy, simple, pretty, what’s not to like.

4. Closet +

App Store screenshot

5 years ago I spent two busy weeks of my life organizing the Konmari way. 

I followed the book to the letter in all but one thing. I added a step to her process of organizing clothes.

I not only touched every single item of clothing before I decided if it brings me enough joy to keep it, but if it sparked joy for me, I also took a picture of it and stored it in my Closet+ app on my phone.

5 years later and, as Maire Kondo promised, I am still organized. I still fold my clothes the KonMari way (who knew I have that much space in my wardrobe!) and I don’t buy anything unless I can answer positively to “does it spark joy’. 

And I still update the Closet+ app. 

As soon as I get rid of something, I delete the item from my Closet+ and as soon as I buy something I don’t put it away in my (physical) closet until I have taken a picture of it and added it to the proper category in the app.

This app also allows you to create your own categories and you can run multiple closets on it (if you have clothes in two locations, for example)

Closet + Screenshot Sample
You can create and line up your own categories 

I even take pictures of my loungewear and accessories, just to make sure I don’t keep too many items.

I made a one-time purchase of the pro version (it isn’t one of those pay by the month for the privilege) and I back it up regularly, although it has never failed me.

But I stick with backup because I don’t want to have to go through the unwelcome process of having to take all the pictures again from scratch.

I recommend the process. It will make your life so much easier in the long run. If you don’t like this app, there are many other closet apps, but many of them are affiliated with shops and encourage shopping habits. This one doesn’t. It’s simple and clean.

Let me illustrate where I find the app most useful: let’s say you are shopping for something and you don’t know if you have anything to wear it with. Easy, just pull out your app and check. The app works offline, too.

It has saved me from ending up with too many similar or duplicate items. We are, after all, mostly consistent and tend to reach for the same items on the shopping racks (or online!) 

Disclaimer: My tracking may be easier than some as I don’t have many clothes. My total is 402 items (yes, the app will count it for you), which includes my accessories like scarves, belts and even my bags! Although I was never a fashion queen, before organizing this way, I probably owned three times the amount. 

You can also track your usage (how many times you wore a particular item) in the app if you find that feature helpful.

Asking “Does it spark joy?” and this app equals simple living at it’s best!

5. Period tracker

Period Tracker
App Store screensot

Seven years on and I am still tracking my period on this same app. I bought the pro version (a one time purchase). There are other apps that do the same thing but this one has been sturdy and reliable for me.

It also has other features such as:

  • menstrual symptoms tracker,
  • weight, mood and temperature tracker,
  • a comprehensive pregnancy tracker,
  • period and ovulation prediction,
  • charts with period duration, etc. that can be exported for your doctor’s visits, etc.
  • there is also an active forum within it discussing women’s issues. 

Personally, I only use it to record the start and end date of my period and the app predicts it down to perfection. I PMS heavily, so it’s always good to know that any sudden, inexplicable and overwhelming feeling of sadness are…hormonal.

6. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable
App Store screenshot

And finally, for everyone who doesn’t use their phone as a scanner or hasn’t yet gone paperless, you should.

A professional scan (even if you send it as JPG, which this app does) will beat a photo of a document at any time. 

This is one of the best scanning apps I ever tried, once again, because of its simplicity. And it is free!

It will scan multiple pages, which you can reorder and crop before you compile them into a PDF document and send them to your email.

If you need it to, it will sync with your Evernote.

The app doesn’t require you to sign up. It is free for basic functions. (I still use the free version)

Download it and start using it today!


It may seem strange to some that the usual giants Evernote, Dropbox or Notion aren’t on this list. But I only listed the apps that I use on my phone. While I use the three apps extensively on my laptop I usually just view them on my phone and they each, I believe deserve their own post.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite phone productivity and organizing apps and why?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love posts like this. I never seem to find a system that works for me so I like hearing how people stay organized!

  2. I need workflowy in my life! I hadn’t heard of any of these before. Definitely needing to get more organized as we head into fall, school & preparing to work with both a toddler and a newborn! Thank you!!!

    1. Author

      I love trying out new apps. You never know maybe an improvement for you.

  3. I hadn’t heard of many of these apps before, but will definitely check them out. Out of the list, I have been using period tracker for several years as well, and bought the paid/premium version. Like you, I tend to get PMS hardcore, and well, I’m just not a nice person. Having that remind me that is the issue makes me more aware when I get hostile. Lol. It’s easy to own and correct behaviors when you know the reason behind it.

  4. Hey Stella, thanks for this list! The only app I’ve tried on this list is Trello, and I am a little disappointed with the interface though. It’s probably a personal preference, but I prefer my productivity apps to look ‘clean’ and minimalistic. It’s the same reason why I gave up on Evernote haha! Something like Workflowy is something I could potentially get on board with.

    I’ve been trying productivity apps for web clippings recently. I read so many blog posts and long-form articles, and it is infuriating when I want to point someone to a piece but I can’t recall where I read it. I’m currently trying Google Keep because of how simple it is, but I am not a fan of its interface. I’m trying Notion next, and if that does not work out for me, Workflowy is next on my list. Hopefully, it doesn’t come down to that though…

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Author

      I really hope Workflowy works for you. I also want to add that I am now using Evernote more since their Beta App is so much better and so much more user friendly. I also didn’t like Google Keep’s interface! I will check out Notion, too!

  5. While I was familiar with the concept of Trello and the fact that it existed, I didn’t really embrace how it could be used in my own life until just recently. That being said, I am SO impressed with how much more organized I am since I started using it! If there is anyone reading this that hasn’t tried it yet – I highly recommend giving it a go and discovering how it can benefit you!

  6. I like Trello. Yes, I love to know about the scanner app too though I use a different one. Good knowledge and information for me.

  7. I need to test it all out for myself. I am super busy lately and have a hard time finding balance in everything, organizing app might be a helping hand

    1. Author

      Yes, spending time to get organized is time well spent, I think!

  8. Great post, thanks for your work! This is definitely a good article to learn and remember when doing business.

  9. I never there was apps like this. I am always organised but these are apps are great for in case something unexpected pops up.

    1. Author

      Yes, it’s all out there, we just need to find “the one” for us!

  10. I actually got pretty excited reading this! I love organization as well. I have to admit I’m a little behind the times and often do not think of the need for apps. But Trello I’ve been thinking about for a while as well as Scrivener. I may just have to take the leap.

    1. Author

      You can’t go wrong with Scrivener. It’s the only downside is that it is not on Cloud and you can’t easily share your writing, but then again it is meant for longer pieces of writing that you export before sending for review. I am contemplating writing a blog post about different uses for Scrivener.

  11. What a great list! I still use the notes app on my iPhone for everything – from shopping lists to sudden midnight ideas. Really think I should get more organized. Like the sound of Trello – will give it a go!

  12. Oh, I like the look of the scanning app! I’ve never used my phone to scan anything, but that sounds like something super useful. Great tip!

    1. Author

      Thank you! Hope it works for you. I never bother with a physical scanner anymore.

  13. These are all great suggestions! It’s amazing how many choices there are to help someone stay organized.

  14. There are some really good apps here for sure, I will have to check a few of these out x

  15. This list was wonderful. I actually was not aware of some of these apps. I really need to look into some of these for keeping organized, and staying productive. I feel like these days I am super busy, and I am sure these would help! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Author

      I hope you do, they were really helpful to me! Good luck and if you find something better, please do share 🙂

  16. Good list – I’m a fan of Trello and Evernote myself. Have you used Asana before? That’s probably my favorite one! 🙂

    1. Author

      Yes, I liked Asana, too, but never got into it the way I did with Trello. I guess an app just grabs us 🙂

  17. Although I’m still an old school that most of the time I’m still using a notebooks for planning Or organising my schedules I find the Expenses OK would be very useful for me coz I really like tracking my expenses.

  18. I’m currently using Trello to organize. To-Do lists, home works, and schooling schedules. It’s a big help.
    This article is really informative.

  19. I am a big fan of trello! I like the way it looks like drag and drop game for me. Lol!

  20. Great post! I am a big Scrivener fan, I’ve been using it for a while now and I use Flo to track my period it effective as well

  21. I use trello all the time. it is great for me. I will show the expenses app to my hubby he is the ‘accountant’ at home

  22. This is so helpful! I have recently gone through a spell of interviews and one of the key questions I always fail is “how do you keep track of everything?”. I have needed some kind of app (like Trello!) for agessss and you have solved my issue! Thank you so much 💚

  23. This was really useful though I am more old school and just write down my todos on a board or a paper or a document or my phone.

  24. My fave app is here, Trello! I love using it 😀 It’s really great and period tracker is a must. Will consider to download some of these great apps, thank you xxx

  25. In today’s busy life any app that can simplify it is like a bonus. I have been using period tracker and Evernote for quite sometime now.

  26. Excellent. I use Yolt for finance tracking and Google Keep for notes etc. Calendar is also essential for me as well as Dropbox so I can save stuff on the go.

    1. Author

      Yes, absolutely, I should have added Google Calendar here as well, you are right.

  27. Sorry to hear about your bad PMS. I used to experience terrible ones, too. It lessened the more I exercised but I still get cramps. Pain is not at zero. I would have to try some of these organizing apps. As I grew older, I found that I enjoy organizing things. It made life simpler. Thank you for sharing your picks!

    1. Author

      Yes, you are absolutely right, exercise (and eating clean) always helps with PMS. 🙂

  28. Anything to make my life simpler. I have been in search of a new scanner app because I’m not a fan of the one I currently use. I will def give evernote a try. The one I use is too clunky! Thank you!

  29. These are great suggestions! I’m always on the hunt for cool organization apps as they really help me in terms of tracking all the little things every day.

  30. I cant wait to check out Trello! Thank you!

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