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About Me

One day, exasperated by my, yet another attempt at figuring out how to avoid doing something, my husband remarked; “Your whole life is spent in making things easier for yourself.”

What struck me wasn’t that he said what he said, but that he had used it in such an…unenthusiastic way. I mean, how can making things easier for myself be anything but pragmatic? Don’t we all do that? Don’t we? 

I have told and retold that little anecdote many times over, it is one of my favorite anecdotes to tell, because I love hearing people’s reactions to it. One of my friends had quite an insight: “Now that I think about it, I have spent my life making things harder for myself.”

It’s a common fallacy, I suppose, that the harder it is, the more valuable it is. But it shouldn’t be. We should make it as easy as possible. It sounds counterintuitive, but yes, take the easy way when you can. 

I certainly try to.

And that is what I want to explore in this blog.

I am a former self-help addict (a life examiner) on a continuous lookout for easy ways to organize, keep in shape, eat, travel, parent, socialize, love and, most importantly, live.

I have come to a point in my life where I want to share what I have learned and tried, in other ways than occasionally bursting out on Facebook or verbalizing to a friend over a cup of coffee.

I needed order and a platform for my collection of research and experiences that may, hopefully, be useful to others. In my private life, I am a prolific writer. As Joan Didion famously said: “I don’t know what I think until I write it down” and that would be very true for me.

So, as people do, I decided to start a blog. Choosing Easy seemed like an appropriate title for what I want to convey.

While I am still learning to define myself in fluid terms that can withstand change, here are a few facts about me that may paint a picture.

I am a xennial (it’s a legitimate generation!), Bosnian, a mother of two, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a former United Nations staffer who has held a full-time job since 18 years old, a lifelong learner, a yoga instructor (did the 200 hours training, but never have and may never teach a class!!), a certified Feng Shui consultant, a voracious reader with vast interests, a renaissance soul, a hard sci-fi fan in books and movies. I hold degrees in linguistics and literature, applied psychology and human resources management.

But I am so much more. Like we all are. So much more than we imagine we are or identify with. 

Welcome. Please stay awhile. And as always, please leave a comment on articles that resonate (or not!) with you. I’d love to hear from you.


    1. Author

      Oh, interesting! Many articles I read have Xennials starting in 1977. For example here or here or as officially entered in Merriam-Webster. Although, 2 years give or take, mid-70s work for me 🙂

  1. You are my people! I am all about making things easier… although sometimes it’s harder in the process of figuring it all out 😂 systems take time to set up, but once they are it’s easy peasy! I have been sharing how to live a healthier lifestyle the easy way for a little while now!

  2. Oh wow, you’re a former United Nations staffer! That sounds interesting to me. And I do yoga every day too!

    I tried to poke around your blog for a link to your Medium, and I tried to search for you on Medium, but I can’t find you, I’m sorry! Do you mind leaving me a link to your Medium profile? I would love to follow back and read some of your stories too. 🙂

    1. Author

      A fellow yogi! Yes! I follow you on Medium, but I started writing there under a pseudonym and didn’t connect it to my blog. Will make myself known 🙂

      1. I will look forward to your debut then! Would love to read and support your Medium stories one day. Omg, imagine if you’re one of those top writers raking in thousands per story. All the best!

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