Two months ago I finally started using my local library. There were several reasons for this: I got tired of being hard-pressed to read all the newest and most popular books everyone is talking about. (I mean, how many people have to review Atomic Habits as if it is the only book ever written on the topic of productivity) Disclaimer: I read and liked Atomic Habits, but that’s not the point. I got tired of purchasing Kindle books and then not finishing them because they had me at 20 pages in, but lost me at page 50 and it was too late to return theRead More

No matter how many times we hear about the power of now there can never be too many reminders. While it is by no means a new concept (check out the dates above), it is certainly extremely relevant in our overly hedonistic way of life. No wonder we are addicted to the concept. We read books, listen to the experts and gurus telling us how to do it, we take webinars and courses in mindfulness. And not to overgeneralize, we do it all, except practice it.Read More

Feeling sorry for a person is not helpful in situations where people are in pain. Empathy becomes the bridge that connects two people together and creates a space for more genuine understanding and compassion.

If you ever poured out your heart to someone and all you got was “I am sorry you are going through this,” you know exactly what I mean. Read More

But what we have now, in midlife, that we have never had before, is the luxury of hindsight. We now know what we would do if we could go back in time.

What if everything up until now has been a learning experience and we can finally set ourselves on a path to live with authenticity?Read More