a journal, a diary

Writing is a part of me that will never be cast aside, as many of my hobbies get cast aside once I play with them for a while.
My writing life isn’t a hobby. It is what allows me to self-explore and make sense of my overly complicated, overly sensitive mind, one that needs constant grounding.Read More

It turns out, I don’t need a dedicated home office. I just need this tiny desk, this little space to call my own. The space that calls on me to sit down and create. And that I could legitimately claim it, whether I am being paid for the work I do at the desk, or not.Read More

Daorson walls still standing strong

Daorson was the capital of the Hellenised Illyrian tribe called the Daorsi who lived there between 300 BC and 50 BC.
But there are those who believe that the site predates Greek civilization itself and that it had a unique purpose. All we need to do is to open up to the possibility. Read More