Two months ago I finally started using my local library. There were several reasons for this: I got tired of being hard-pressed to read all the newest and most popular books everyone is talking about. (I mean, how many people have to review Atomic Habits as if it is the only book ever written on the topic of productivity) Disclaimer: I read and liked Atomic Habits, but that’s not the point. I got tired of purchasing Kindle books and then not finishing them because they had me at 20 pages in, but lost me at page 50 and it was too late to return theRead More

I went back to my good old time tracker, where I tracked my time in 30 minutes intervals using a simple excel spreadsheet. I did this for seven days and was shocked at what I discovered. I was spending upwards of two hours a day reading various newsletters and subscriptions that come directly into my inbox. My time suck was my email! And for over two decades now (no kidding) I take pride in my Inbox Zero.Read More

Doing a great number of things doesn’t mean you’re getting anything meaningful done. As we all know, busy does not equal productive. Here are my five easy time management tips and after years of searching, I can say with certainty that they are all you will ever need to use every hour of your day to your liking! Read More

Readwise will connect to your Kindle Highlights and make them easily accessible and editable on several platforms including Notion or Evernote! You can just imagine the endless possibilities for your blog, your writing, your articles, your conversations if you can easily be reminded of every book you have ever read (on Kindle!)Read More