Trapped is a crime series set in a small, remote town in Iceland

I’ve just discovered the TV Series Trapped! I am still not quite clear what it is about Nordic TV Shows that attracts me so much. 

Anything that takes place in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Iceland and I am in. Even TV shows based on Nordic history like Vikings or The Last Kingdom and they have me at first handsome man with long hair running through the cold, snowy woods. 

This TV Series takes place in Iceland.

I have a friend who shares the same passion (we were planning a trip to Iceland before the pandemic) and she just recommended this Series to me.

It’s not just the plot (I love a good crime series any time) but I think it is all the snow, the remoteness of the place and the way of life portrayed there. 

Even if you don’t know anything about it, it feels as if there is an authenticity to the Icelandic way of life. 

Shoes Off!

For example, they take their  shoes off in their homes.

Coming from a country where we do that and having lived in places where they don’t along with the recurring portrayal in the movies where everyone is lounging in their wet shoes on their crispy clean bed…this was quite refreshing to see. I looked it up. 

This article explains it: “Shoes off! It’s common courtesy while visiting an Icelandic home (house or apartment) to take your shoes off and leave them at the door.”

Some people don’t like it. I found this annoyed reviewer on Trip Advisor.


The 70s Furniture in Good Use

Quite a few homes in Trapped have older type 70s furniture, but this is not  presented in the usual way on TV, to reflect poverty.  In this series, it is just there, blending nicely with everything else. Plus, as a viewer you can imagine that it wouldn’t be very easy to shop in IKEA and have your new furniture delivered so far away. 

Plus they seem to have other occupations and interests, an array of things to do when it is so cold and raging outside! The youngster break into to public swimming pool during a blackout, for example.

The Plot

Trapped, Icelandic TV Series

Ok, now to the plot. In a dreamy, though the foreboding setting of a remote Icelandic town they discover a dismembered body in the water, just as a ferry ship arrives at the port. The local police chief, Andre and his two colleagues (all three of them are superb characters with their own personal stories) try to solve the crime. There is a storm coming and they are all trapped in the town while the characters and background get revealed. There is even an avalanche. Realistic and likable characters (although no long-haired hotties here), great acting. 

I watch Trapped in the original language with English subtitles. There is a dubbed version on Netflix, but I wouldn’t watch it like that.  It is never as good as the original, even in cartoons, but then again, I am used to subtitles. 

There are 2 seasons of the Series and it looks like the third is coming soon. I am on episode 5. Enjoying it! 

I love it when I find a new Series and get sucked right in.

Here is my post about watching the 9 Seasons of The Walking Dead in less than two months. Talk about living vicariously!


  1. Thank you for this detailed explanation. I always tend to choose my TV shows based on reviews. Adding to my list

  2. Lol. I kinda want to watch this now and I don’t normally watch movies like this so thank you.

    1. Oh my word I clicked on this article because I’m also obsessed with the Last Kingdom and Vikings!! And I want to visit there tooooooo, so sad your plans got canceled!
      Now I have a new show to watch!

  3. The fact that they remove their shoes indoors put them in my good books instantly! It looks like a great show, I’m gonna add it to my list of shows to watch. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    PS: I am currently obsessed with Shark Tank!

  4. very interesting about the shoes! i would find that super inconvenient as well especially winter boots!

  5. Thanks for the breakdown, I’m really interested in this now! I love the idea of a show set in an Icelandic town, especially when it’s realistic!

    Anika |

  6. My brother and sister in law love to watch Scandinavian noir series. I haven’t.seen any yet but I have read a few Scandinavian noirs and thriller novels and one Icelandic author as well. I really like them.
    Trapped seems like a great show. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Author

      Oh, cool, I didn’t know the genre had its own name “Nordic/Scandinavian Noir”, thanks for bringing that up. I never read crime fiction, but adore it on tv and film.

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