Even if you live in a busy household

My dedicate home desk in my bedroom

I Dream of a Room of My Own

A room of my own. An impossible goal.

My kids have a room, one each. I share mine with my husband. We live in a three-bedroom apartment. My daughter has a beautiful small room, a perfect spot for an office. It has a river view.

Often, I dreamed of decorating it just for me. With bookshelves, a large desk that could fit a monitor, my laptop, a few books, my notebooks, pens and a coffee cup. Perhaps a sofa or a soft armchair so I could relax when reading. And some space for my yoga mat and my meditation pillow.

My own retreat.

But you see, I am not someone who can legitimately claim an office.

I am not a writer, at least not a paid writer and I don’t run my own business. I just work for a company at a desk in one of their open space offices. I could not justify an office for myself, even if I had that space.

I did consider making some space in my bedroom for my yoga at least, but the room is so small, it fits our queen size bed, our dressers, and our built-in wardrobe. We squeezed in the night tables, too.

Perfectly adequate. But no space to double as anything else.

Legitimate Work From Home

Then the pandemic happened and my company sent us to work from home. While we did have a flexible ‘work from home’ policy before the pandemic, I had rarely used it because I just couldn’t get much done working from the kitchen counter, with the TV in the background and my husband and kids conversing and making a noise.

I did that for a few days but it was a disaster.

Then my husband had an idea. We’ll squeeze my son’s tiny desk (he does his homework at the dining table, anyway) and his chair into our bedroom. It was a tiny Jysk desk, 40 cm wide, 60 cm long. To my surprise, it fitted right in front of my bed and under my window. The chair wouldn’t fit, so I swapped it for one we used at our dining table.

The desk now holds my work laptop, a mouse, a souvenir mousepad that makes me happy, and a 24″ monitor I brought from my office. I can also squeeze in a cup of coffee (while being very careful about my movements)

And just like that, I have worked for 8 hours a day, sometimes longer, since March 2020. I am writing this post from that desk.

Me at my tiny desk
At my desk

Not a Home Office, but a Bedroom Desk

I finally have my office. And, best of all, I claimed it legitimately. When mama is working nobody comes in. Because mama has important work to do. Or a conference call. Mama deserves this small space.

And by having an ‘office’ of her own, kind of, mama can now write. And research and learn.

In the past few months, I have started this blog, something I learned how to do from the tranquility of my home desk. I have now written several posts, tweaked my social media, discovered Medium and signed up for it!

A world has opened up from this tiny desk.

Now, I never want to leave it. I feel a little guilty about neglecting my kids and husband (I try to make it up on the weekends).

It turns out, I don’t need an office. I just need this tiny desk, this little space to call my own. The space that calls on me to sit down and create.

For 15, 20 minutes a day. Or longer. Most days it is longer.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are

I have recited this quote by Theodore Roosevelt to myself for years. I had even finished the first draft of my novel stealing bits and pieces of time and space with a laptop on my lap, on my bed.

I’ve never realized that I did have space for an office just for me. And that I could legitimately claim it, whether I am being paid for the work I do at the desk, or not.

Without being forced to work from home by my day job (paid!) I would still be waiting for the perfect time, when the kids are in school and I am not at work, to do my writing.

Or any other creative pursuit I want to do and that I am not being paid for. And there are plenty of those.

From my tiny desk, I say, this is plenty.


  1. I love the thought of a tiny desk! I’m personally all about working from my bed

  2. I would love an office of my own. My desk has always been in the living room. With wanting my own office I realized I liked sitting in the living room. I can listen to music on the TV. I can do stretches on my yoga mat when I take a break. It’s just a whole lot more convenient.

  3. Love that your husband is so thoughtful! Necessity is indeed the mother of invention,your carved out space looks good. May you enjoy many creative and productive hours there!

  4. Indeed a good place to have your own spot, a bedroom desk idea is just so cute, I also have a wee space in our bedroom that I can use for some online hustle. Not so bad especially that I only use it once or twice a week.

  5. It’s such a luxury to have your own office space at home! We just created one in our second room and it has been wonderful to have that dedicated space to to work and focus!

  6. hey…I love your home office space, so cosy & with a window to look out 😀 Mine is just a sofa or sometimes sit on floor to use my hoem living table. Don’t really a proper space while am working from home. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  7. I love your at home office. It looks so cozy. My husbands work sent him to work from back in March as well and I’ll admit, it took us a minute to find a good private space for him to call his home office. We put him in our laundry room. It sounds funny but it’s actually perfect. It’s a big room and had this nook in it that was the perfect size for his desk and computers. It’s been perfect. It’s out of the way, quiet, and he’s able to be in there undisturbed.

  8. You know what’s funny, I have been calling my desk an office for years! I have never had a legitimate closed-door office, so I consider any workspace my office. I like how you were able to be flexible with your needs to get what you wanted!

  9. I live in a small apartment so my “office” is in the living room. It’s important to be adaptable and work with what you’ve got 🙂

  10. My wife is working from home 10 years now and she has her laptop as a choice since she can work anywhere in the house to multi task too! She has a table but since she is used to a paperless environment, her table is clean with flowers and plants only so if she feels like using it, she has good vibes so as for our experience, its not an essential but really nice must have? lol

  11. It still looks like a cute area to get you into the work zone. Thanks for sharing! – knycx journeying

  12. Currently mostly all houses have turned in to home office but like you I have also set up a desk in our drawing room for work ! lovely post

  13. Beautiful setup during this time especially for mommies working from home. It looks very calm. I can work there all day!

  14. This looks cosy for me, but it is well spaced and inviting to get into some hardcore work!

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